Monday, January 5, 2009

Mancat Monday Pierro

Today I am doing Mancat Monday all by myself I think Caesar is watching over me and Prinnie and he approves Prinnie will tell you more about that on Wednesday mom just read a note from Dr Fox in the paper about some old girl cat (like Prinnie, heehee) that got a noo boy kitten in the house and how that old girl kitty got mad and started peeing and pooping out of her litter box I think that is funny hahaha but Prinnie is not mad with me eventhough I do annoy her sometimes once I was eating her foods (oops) and she was licking me I am glad Prinnie is not angry that I live here and she does not pee and poop out of the litter box
mom thinks I am very very gentle I do get reely wild and frisky
sometimes I pounce on Prinnie and try to wrestle with her I just want to play with her sooo much but she hisses and tells me to stoppit sometimes I do but most of the time mom has to distract me with some other activity and then give Prinnie lots of kisses and pets

I like boxes

I think it is very mancatly to sit in the box
I hope all of you kitties have been good and are enjoying your noo toys
my noo toys are all over the house

we will try to visit more now that the Christmas holiday is over mom has been really busy and Prinnie and I have been suffering. by the way, Prinnie is doing okay she has had some tummy troubles but we think Prinnie is doing okay... mom is keeping a close eye on her she eats well and gets around the house just fine mom thinks perhaps she got worried for nothing two weeks ago
we are just happy that Prinnie is doing well we are taking good care of the little old white Princess and I am being nice to her really I am trying

Happy Snappy Noo Year to all of you
Here are two great quotes to get your January off to a great start!!
~~Headbonkies from mancat Pierro

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.
~Arnold H. Glasow

If you want to make your dreams come true,
the first thing you have to do is wake up.
~J.M. Power


Karen Jo said...

You did very well for your first solo Mancat Monday, Pierro. Sitting in boxes is very mancatly. So is spreading your toys all over the house, so you always have something to play with, wherever you are. It is very nice of you to realize that Prinnie really doesn't want to wrestle with you.

michico*Adan said...

Thanks for let us know about Prinnie, Pierro.
Be a very lovely gentleman is very important to your elegant white sister :)
I am praying and purring for Prinnie here, wishing her tummy issue will be fine.
Thank you for your New Year wishes to my family, you are all so sweet~!
I am also praying for all of you and Caesar of course, have a wonderful great new year~!!!! And I will pray for your Prinnie sister more .

Teri said...

Boxsitting is very mancatly, cuz they might have contained manly things like tools or motor oil! We think you sort of look like a 21 year old bean, not a teenager anymore but not over 30, MOL. Hope Prin Prin is feeling better now, tummy problems alllll gone.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Parker said...

Pierro, you done good! I think you have this mancat thing down.
Tell Prinnie I said hello and that I am glad she is doing OK!
Smoochies to both of you!

Ramses said...

Oh yes boxes are very mancatly Pierro! :) I'm glad you're good to Prinnie most of the time too, as she's a very sweet ladycat! :)

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Pierro,you are doing a mighty fine job and are a Mancat Caesar would be proud of :) It is so nice too,that you are gentle with Prinnie. She is a pawsome girl! I am happy she is doing well too :)
Tell me,did Caesar like snow? I am working on sending you lots. I do not know if I will be successful though,heehee
Purrs Mickey

Alasandra said...

Happy New Year to you too.

We think you did a great job on the post.

Prinnie is probably happy to have your company. She probably misses Caesar. I know I miss my brother Whiskers, and am glad Mommy got the girls. But sometimes us older cats just don't feel like playing. Luckily Mommy got two kittens so they can play with each other when I am too tired and then when I feel like it I can join in the fun. ~Socks

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a fine job you did on Mancat Monday all by yourself!

The Furry Kids said...

Boxes are definitely mancatly! Pierro, it sounds like you are a very good brother. Good job! Thank you for the update on Prinnie. We've been thinking about her.

Happy Monday!

Gattina said...

Lisa still sleeps on the doormat, that crazy old girl ! It's good that you are a mancat, because Lisa doesn't like her "sisters" at all and hisses and growls, but with Arthur she is friendly. Since she takes this anti depression pills she doesn't pee anymore everywhere, that was very annoying.

Two Sisters said...

Congratulations Pierro on your very first Mancat Monday By Yourself! Boxes are one of the funnest things ever for playing. Caesar would be very proud of you.

We're glad that Prinnie is feeling better. Sometimes Moms worry too much because they love us very much.

Daisy said...

Pierro, you done good!

I think you are a lot like my brother Harley. He is always chasing me around and trying to jump on me and wrestle. I must hiss at him to make him stop!

The Meezers said...


Lux said...

Excellent mancat post, Pierro! You look very mancatly in boxes, indeed.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Lorianna said...

Oh Pierro, you are a lovely mancat! You look great in your box too.
I am glad Prinnie is feeling better. I thought of her and of Caesar when I lit my New Years candle and I'm trying to remember to light one every night. I bought new tea candles just for that.
Tell Prinnie Cody knows how she feels about young whipper snappers in the house. :)
Sending Hugs and Smoochies to you all in Virginia,

Luna said...

Hi Pierro! Happy noo year !
We are so glad to hear that Prinnie is doing well and not angry with you!
You are furry lucky to have such a kind sister.
Our sister Luzie is never kind to us. She don´t like us and she hisses to us everytimes. Poor Luzie, we think she is unhappy to have two other cats in her house.

Oh, and we love cardboxes too. those are great toys.


The Crew said...

Yes, you look very handsome in that box!

MaoMao said...

Awww, Pierro -- you did a great job with Mancat Monday and I'm sure Caesar approves! And you are such a wunnerful little bruther to Prinnie. We are so glad she is doin well!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Great solo post Pierro!! You are a wonderful mancat and a very good brother to Prinnie!! Happy New Year to you and your Family!!
Your FL furiends,

meemsnyc said...

You are just adorable in that box!! We loooove boxes too!!

Boy n Beethoven said...

You looks very mancatly indeed! I shall try and find some boxes to sit in too so I can be more mancatly like you Pierro!