Monday, November 24, 2008

Mancat Monday and Caesar too


yeah I am a mancat and laying around in the sun is good for my furs the sun makes them warm I have this new carrier that I can nap in and look mancatly.

Caesar liked to nap in the sun too,
especially on dads chair
mostly because it smells like dads butt

Happy Monday
Blizzie is coming home tomorrow yippeeskippie
is America's national chow-down feast,
the one occasion each year
when gluttony becomes
a patriotic duty.

~Michael Dresser
What is the story on the Cat blogoshpere calendar?
Princess and I really want to be part of the new one!!
Mom has been so busy she has not had a chance to find out on the other bloggies.
Please let us know if you know about this! it too late :-(
edit: Thank you KC and HOtBCs for getting us added
we are so greatful!


Anonymous said...

hahahha that is what we thought of Thanksgiving too!! hahha

Pierro I thought you woz holding onto a boogie board?! I was OMV he is going boogie boarding?!~?!
hhe just make sure you do not get burnt laying in the suns we get sun cancers too ya know! :)


Parker said...

HeeHee - I am glad that Blizzie will be home tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Blizzie coming home for Thanksgiving! And Hooray for Sunshines!

Anonymous said...

Bouncie always liked to sleep on Dad's clothes that he would leave on the floor. I guess that is a mancat thing!

We're glad your Blizzie is coming home!

Angus Mhor said...

Our college girl is comin' home on Wednesday night-Wahoo! She's the English Major that comments every now and again.

Pierro, you soak up all the sun you can...and then go lay next to Prinnie so she can share!

Boy n Beethoven said... knows what? I loves to lie down where mine Mummy has just sat too, because it smells like mine Mummy's butt!


Monty Q. Kat said...

MomBean snorfed some of her water up her nose with the butt comment. She's weird.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

That is very true about Thanksgiving. Now I need to get my share! :)

As for the calendar--check with Robin at House of Mostly Black Cats. However we think the date might have passed.

Daisy said...

Pierro, every time I see you I think you have the sweetest and cutest little curly face!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

That a cool carrier! It's kinda like a cube, I like those so maybe I would like one of those! I think Chey is right about the calendar being over. I remember emailing Empress and my pictures after I saw the end of the deadline on the blogophere a couple of weeks ago.

Christine and FAZ said...

My goodness how buckety quickly this year has gone. It's nearly Thanksgiving already. Here in England we are looking foward to Christmas but I heard rumours there will be no tree this year as I knocked it over last year and broke some prescious decorations. I have to say it wasn't my fault, if the humans do insist on putting things that tempt me on the tree what can they expect. Have a wonderfully buckety Thanksgiving Princess to you and all your family. I hope it isn't too cold where you are? It's been snowing here and lots of wind and rain too. FAZ

MaoMao said...

Awwww, we Ballicai are glad that Blizzie is comin home tomorrow, and we hope you and yur fambly have a wunnerful Thanksgiving! Those are adorabble pickshures of you and Caesar inna sunnyshines! It is a great thing fur mancats to bask inna sunnyshines!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Furry Kids said...

Napping in the sun is super mancatly. It really warms up the furs and enhances your mancatly aroma.


Mickey said...

Pierro,you do look Mancatly !!! That new carrier is cool too :)
I bet Prinnie is super happy Blizzie is coming home!! I bet you all are :)
Purrs Mickey
Hugs to Princess!!!!!!
Did you contact Sanjee about the calander at the House of (M) Black Cats?

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Cool carrier, Much better than our PTU's!

michico*Adan said...

Very very lovely post.
Oah No,
I am beginning to think I always smell like Michico's butt.....

Isis said...

Oh yer sun warmed furs! :)

Mickey said...

Hi Princess :)
Thanks for stopping by and reading our meme. We're glad you liked it!
Purrs Georgia & Tillie

Teri said...

All the kitties here got some Trader Joe's Turkey Gravy...we lapped that up real fast! But Teri ate at some friends, and they have a Cornish Rex of their she couldn't bring any leftovers home. We thanked her for the gravy though, by stepping on her face while she was asleep and breathing turkey breath on her, MOL

Anonymous said...

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