Sunday, February 3, 2008

the vet visit on Saturday

Saturday morning I had to go to the vet. I tried to remember to hide, but really, I was so sleepy from being awake all night every night the past few days checking on the beans, looking for and calling Caesar and dozing in my various beds... I just forgot to hide!

So... suddenly, mommie picked me up and shoved me into the prison box.

Blizzie came with me. she sat with me in the back seat of the driving mashine. I was really scared and worried.

Everyone at the vetplace says I am beautiful...

The vet lady was nice.. even though I did not want to get out of that prison box. I was worried and very very afraid. Then mommie pulled me out! They carried me back to the torture room and stabbed me with pins and gave me some hurties. Then the vet lady took me back to the room with mommie and Blizzie.

The vetlady says everyone at the vet place misses Caesar because he was so friendly and cheerful, always talking with everyone and never afraid.

So, the vetlady gave mommie a special thing to plug into the wall to help me be calm and also some more Epakitin supplement and some powders for my stiffness and some powders to make me calm at night so I do not keep calling Caesar to come upstairs because it is time to sleep in the dark.

The vetlady said my heart was good and the tests will come back next week and then she will call when that comes in. She says I only need subq's one day a week... unless she finds anything wrong with my kidneys, like Caesar had, so that is pending.

When we got home, Oh I was really hungry and soooo tired. I snarfed a whole bunch of crunchies and jumped in my cozy nest for a very long nappie.

When Caesar used to come home from the vet he was always proud to tell everyone about his adventure.

..... we really miss Caesar. We are still not used to not having him around.
Mommie still cries at least one time a day but she feels better afterward. It is almost like the sadness builds up and then she explodes. She keeps reminding herself that Caesar knew that he was loved by soooo many and especially mommie and me. His heart just stopped and he went very quietly and no pain.
Still... we miss him. This new life without him is very uncomfortable.
Mommie carries pictures around with her. It makes her feel better.

I will do another post about Caesar this week.

Thank you for being our friends.

God will not look you over for medals,
degrees or diplomas,
but for scars.

~Elbert Hubbard


andophiroxia said...

Thank you for stopping by.

I sent off the package to your family and you. I hope you like it. The postage man said by Monday you should have it.

I hope you and your family enjoy it.

The Meezers said...

Prinnie, we is sorry that you hadded to get sticked wif stuff at the v-e-t. we hopes that the powders and the plug in thing will help you at night. we know it's hard. Trixie was the same way when Norton wented to the Bridge. Tell your mommy that it's ok to cry for as long as she needs to. we're all here for her.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

We dont unnerstand some of that stuf, but if it helps you feel better we think it is good.

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla

momsbusy said...

we hopes yus feels betters princess. going to the vet and gettin poked wif needles stinks.

ars mommees unnerstands how yus feels. she still has leeky eyes sometimes. she says you lose a little peece of yur heart each time. we is gonna keep yurs fambly in ars purrayers.

yuki & kimiko & kintaro

Gattina said...

I can understand you both so well ! I went through this 3 years ago when my Max died after 19 years together. But time heals although it took me two years before I was able to write about him. Now I do like your mom, I keep an eye on Lisa she is 17 and so far has no problems. Except she lost her voice and doesn't sound like a cat but like a crow ! And she also wakes me up at least twice during night, just sitting in the middle of the room !

Mickey said...

Hi Prinnie:)
I know the trip to the Vet was not fun,but I am happy you are well.Maybe the medicine will help you relax.I wish I could give you and your Mom BIG hugs.It does take a long time for the hurt to go away. Tillie & Georgia's brother went to the Bridge in March and Mom still misses him.He was only 3 1/2 years old.
Have a nice relaxing Sunday with your Mom and think about happy times :)
Purrs Mickey

Chairman Mao said...

Preshus Prinnie, we Ballicai are glad you hadded a good checkuppie at the vet's -- I know it wasn't fun cuz goin to the vet is nefur fun, but we're so glad you're doin good. You are such a sweet and preshus gurl and we think about you and yur wunnerful fambly efurry day, and we miss Caesar, too -- he was so furry loved, and that love is fureffur and efur.

Lotsa love and hugs to you and yur fambly, and great big purrs from MaoMao and the Ballicai.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Prinnie, we are sorry to hear you had to go to the vet, but glad that everything checked out okay. We hope the rest of your tests show up okay, too.

It's okay for your mom to cry and for you to miss Caesar. Our mom still misses her Whiskers, and he went to the Bridge in September 2006. But she remembers all the wonderful times they had together and how much joy he brought into her life.

We are thinking of you, and you (and Caesar) are in our hearts.

Poppy Q said...

Hi Princess,
I is sooper glad that the vet was pleased with you. Sounds like you was a very brave girl.

I hopes the pills and powders help and that you and your mommy can get some good sleeps soon. Time will help your healing hearts.

Have a lovely Sunday and sending you warm summer purrs from New Zealand.

Poppy Q and mum

Boy said...

You ARE pwetty.
Dear Pwincess, don't feel so sad.

The Thing awwived at mine house today. Go mine bwoggy to see. I is upset!

Yoggie said...

Oh, VETS are terrible!
But you are a strong cat!

Gandalf & Grayson said...

We do not like the vet, or the car, or the pokies and sticks either. But Mom says it keeps us from getting sick. So we go, just for Mom. Otherwise we would never leave the Yellow House.

You were very brave Princess!

michico*Adan said...

I am sincerely praying for you, Princess.
And I am still missing Caesar.

Monty Q. Kat said...

MomBean still misses her Apotcat and Rudy, so tell your Mom it's okay.


Benjamin Fuzz said...

sweet prinnie...i'm sorry that you had to take a trip to the v-e-t. good health is important, but it would sure be nice if it could be done with ptu trips and needles!

love, purrs and great big hugs!

ben & lucy, and mom toni too

Daisy said...

Prinnie, of course everybody says you are beautiful because you are! And strong and brave, too. It is only natural and right that you and your family are missing Caesar. With time it will not be so painful. Do not be afraid to cry and be sad because I think that leads to the healing.

Parker said...

Dear sweet Prinnie, I am so sorry you forgot to hide and had to endure a trip to the VET. But they are right, you are beautiful!
Did they give your Mom some Feliway? I know it helped us when I moved in with my family, we all seemed calmer with it.
Please tell your Mommy that crying is very, very OK. It's natural and Caesar was a very big part of your lives. Crying helps the healing.
We love you!

Isis said...

Oh Prinnie, you're one beautiful and brave ladycat! You didn't even put the bitey on the vet after all that nasty torture and stuff... That's very good of you, I'd have put the bitey on good and proper! ;)

We have some of that nice calming stuff in a spray bottle and Mummy sprays our PTU's before we have to use them to help keep us calm in them. But I don't travel well unless Mummy lets Ramses come long with me, so I know what it's like to depend on a brother for comfort and warmth! I'm quite sure I'd be very lost with out him, so understand a little of your sadness... Iffen it would help I'd be willing to send you Tigmut'hep! ;) He's very warm to snuggle with, but does eat quite a lot - Oh and he snores...

Maybe it would be better if I kept Tigmut'hep here and let you have some peace and quiet so you can catch up on your beauty sleep! ;)

Lotsa purrs,

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I will purr that all your tests come out good so that you don't have to get more fluids. I wish I had a friend that I would miss as much as I miss you. I do not think I will miss Cheysuli very much at all...


Hot(M)BC said...

We's glad yore v-e-t visit went good, Prinnie. I liked my plug-in things lots, but now I don't have to use it, so maybe yoo'll like yores and then get ta where yoo don't gotta use it too.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Dear Prinnie,

We iz so glad to hear dat your V-E-T vizit went OK...although it justee izn't right to get stuck & pulled out of da barred plasticy box. NOT FAIR!
It will be good fur you to gets some sleepy time & not wakey up so much in da dark. We haz a pluggy-in ting helps da MAd Burr-man to not snarl so much at me.
We lovez you,
Dr Tweety

Derby said...

All of you are just grieving, that is normal when you have a loss of a loved one. Two or four footed.

Sophia said...

We miss him also, it will get better. I promise.

Team Tabby said...

That is such a lovely picture of you, Princess. You are a very beautiful girl. So sorry you got stressed going to see the vet lady. Sounds like she was pleased with how you are doing tho. We were very saddened to hear about your brother, Caesar, we keep you in our thoughts and hope this helps.

Moe & Mindy
Thanks for visiting us

Tyler said...

Prinnie Sweetie, I'm sorry that you had to go to the vet and suffer those indignities. I'm glad though that the vet lady is able to help you. I hope you feel better very soon.

Prinnie's Mommie, crying is good. Please drink a lot of water. Be very very kind to yourself. If you enjoy massages, now is a great time to get one, if you can afford it.

We're so sorry that you all have to suffer this way. If only we had a magic wand, we would wave all your pain away.


Chen & Ollie said...

Dear Princess,
You are a most beautiful girl indeed! We are so happy the VET said you are doing good and only need the flooids once a wek. It sounds like you were a good girl at the vet. We miss Caesar too and it is ok for you and your mommy to be sad still. It takes a very long time to heal from the loss of such good friends. When our big bruther Bingo went to the bridge a year and a half ago, Mommy and Daddy were beside themselves with sadness. It takes time (and in their case, us new kittens!) to help cope with such things. We are all thinking of you...
Mr. Chen & Ollie

The Furry Fighter said...

oh Prinnie it sounds like you were very brave! did your vet give you something called Feliway? my meowmie had to plug one of those into the wall for Castle when I was at the Vet Place for a long while last year.

Thank you so much for coming to mine and Castle's party - i know it is hard to motivate yourself when you are grieving...I was so honoured to be able to spend time with you and mewl along to LouLou the jazz cat with you :)

I miss Caeser too...

Love Stormie

Trixie said...

Princess going to the v-e-t is always very stressful and the prison box is No Fun at all! You are a very beautiful ladycat!

We miss Caesar too even though we did not know him for very long we knew how special he was.

Junior said...

I am glad your time at the v-e-t was not to bad.

Meowm says she understands about still missing Caesar. She says it is very hard to lose our loved ones.

Hang in there and snuggle each other lots!

Bogdan, the editor said...

Purrrs. Purrs Purrs. We love you, Prinnie.

-Bogdan, Kat3 and Sara

The Crew said...

Prinnie dear, you must take good care of yourself and be calmed by the knowledge that Caesar knew you loved him.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Meowmy always carries pictures of us around and they make her smile. She said she missed us so much just being away for 5 days that she was reminded of everything you are all going through. You continue to have our love and support! (oh, and Kaze should you want her. Seriously...the meezing drives us all crazy sometimes!)


William said...

Prinnie, it's hard without Caesar, isn't it. :(

My bro Eddie told me when he lost his last original sister (1994), he was so so sad he would follow Mom everywhere and cry when he didn't see her. He never talked before that. Mom finally realized that it was the first time he'd been alone and he missed his companions terribly. Mom said it took quite a bit of time for him to get used to the quiet.

Kaz's Cats said...

Princess, We're really glad that you had your big sister Blizzie with you at the vet as well as your Mom. It's nice that the vet gave you some medicines to help you sleep through the night. Our Mum says that it's okay to cry when we remember friends who have gone, so we think it's nice that your Mom still cries for Caesar sometimes.

Take it easy,


Gypsy & Tasha

Jan said...

Yes, we really miss our beloved friends when they leave us behind. The good memories help.

jans funny farm

Anonymous said...

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