Sunday, May 27, 2007


Princess: Everyone is running out of here for early church,
so they can come home and play :-)

I just want to say a huge ginormous thank you to everycat and been.
Mom stopped crying for now.
Caesar is always quiet lately, he eats a little... he does not seem so active and peppy. He is still mommie's favorite lovey dovey big tiger.
We are trying to help him. Wednesday seems like a long time away. We want him to feel better soon. Mommie never had a 16 year old kitty, we have been so happy and healthy, so this is new for her.

We are going to do Dragonheart's meme this afternoonie!

Purrrs and headbutts and pile-on snuggles

All of the animals
except for man
know that the principle business of life
is to enjoy it.

-- Samuel Butler


Parker said...

We're sayin'prayers. It will be OK!

Jeter and Mickey said...

i'm purrin an purrayin. i second wut parker sed ... it will be ok!
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Dragonheart said...

I am keeping Caesar in my prayers and sending lots of healing purrs his way.

Here is a website your mom might want to check out sometime when she wants some more info:

Hugs and purrs!

TheSlyCat said...

Caesar, we are purraying for you. I hope you feel better soon! Princess have a beautiful day. My mom and dad are from Virginia too, but now we moved all the way out here to the Chicago place. Maybe we can teleport over to give you some purrs and headbutts sometime! FEEL BETTER SOON!!!:)

Daisy said...

Prinnie, I am happy everyone will be home soon for playtime. A little fun is just what the doctor ordered! I am glad your Mommie is feeling more optimistic about Caesar. We are all here to help any way we can. We are all keeping Caesar in our thoughts and purrs.

Lux said...

Bless you all.

Yr friends,
Lux & family

Chairman Mao said...

Pile-on snuggles, that's great! Pile-on snuggles from me and the rest of the Ballicai -- we're purring and purring for all of you, and like everykitty said, it'll be okay.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Bogdan, the editor said...

Purrs to all of you!

We are so sorry to hear about the kidney disease, but Prinnie and your Mom and Blizzie will help you through it. It's very good of your family to learn how to give you fluids and medicines.

Lots and lots and lots (and lots) of purrs.

- The Morning Scratch gang

Suzanne said...

purrrrrssss, head butts, forehead licks and nose kisses.

mama said to tell your mama that if she wants to talk, my mama will be happy to listen. this is hard stuff.

i want to tell you how i'm doing with kidney failure...because i am doing ok. mama and i both know i'm slowly losing ground, but i've got lots of love and purrs left to give.

mama helps me by putting lots of bowls of fresh water around the house. i drink and drink and drink. she cleans out of the kitty box often, too, because i go potty a lot.

i didn't like the kidney function food. in fact i wouldn't eat it. mama decided that she wouldn't starve me until i agreed to eat it because i'm small already. i get friskies sliced chicken in gravy (special diet formula), dairy temptations, and some of whatever mama's having for dinner. if i tell her i'm hungry, she almost always feeds me. (she says she knows that this would be a bad idea if i was younger...starting a bad precedent and all...but i'm not young.)

with all of this said, caesar, princess and mommie, know that you are well-loved by 2 kitties and their mama in washington state.

mama toni

Anonymous said...

Hi, Caesar and Prinnie! I am feeling positive that Caesar, like dear Suzanne, has many more purrs and much more love to give. I am purring for you and for your mom, and I'm sending snuggles and lots of love.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

It should go without saying that there are lots of prayers being said for you, Caesar and your Mommy. Lots of purrs and headbutts, Zoey and Mommy (with a little help from Gandalf)

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

We just found out the news! We'll be purring for you and especially your mom. Lots of older kitties get kidney disease so I know that with the right care (which you are SURE to get) it will be OK. Hugs!!


Pablo said...

Me and Kate are purring and praying for Caesar, too. It's great that he's living with a family who care for him so well!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

miss peach here....thinking about your house full of worry...but keep the faith!
Suz said it so furrry well! We are both sick just like you. I am only 4 pounds now and don't eat too much attimes. that worries mommymuch. The doctors fud tastes like blech!!! So mommy feeds me anything I want...because I have used up most of my 9 lives anyway so we might as well be happy as we wind on down that road. Thats how we are dealin with the troubles around here at the cottage, one day at a time:)
Love miss Peachy

William said...

Oh no, I just heard the news about Caesar. That is a difficult diagnosis but I'm sure your mom will be the best nurse for him. And I'm sure you'll help too, Prinnie. He'll get to feeling better, you'll see. And we will all purr for him too!

THE ZOO said...

wes so surry bout Ceasars diagnosis. we had a woofer have to have the sub q fluid once a week for her last six months. yur momma will get used to doin it. just be gentle and it helps have 2 beans doin it. 1 to hold you and 1 to do it. and it can be cold too. so yoo might want a blanket after its done. but yoo might want to hit the litter box diectly after yur done. and we hear theres a special food yoo go on. we just ried to make Selena as happy as we could.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Look at how extra cute you are posing. MOmma just keeps saying oh......ofur and ofur.

We are sending more purrs....


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Oh dear... so sorry to hear about Caesar. It must be very, very worrying for your mommy. I'm so sorry. But it looks like others have coped with kidney disease so it's doable!

I'll send many purrs and kisses your way.

Karen Jo said...

I just learned about Caesar. It's a tough diagnosis, but, with the right care, some kitties live quite a long time with kidney problems. I'll be hoping and praying for Caesar and sending him loving thoughts.

poppyq said...

Sorry to hear about Caesar,
My blog is
Mum had a cat called Puss who had renal failure. It was hard but she loved Puss lots and helped her when she was sick. If we can help in any way please come and visit us.

Poppy Q

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

We are sending our love your way and prayers. Hugs and Purrs and Scritches... we posted a comment in the other post, and still we are so sorry we didn't know sooner Casear is feeling bad and sick. Our Mama's crying some healing tears too for you all. Love,

Forty Paws said...

We're sending lots of hedbutts and purrayers to Caesar. He'll perk up once he starts getting his fluids.

We luf luf luf your quote for today. It is one of Maw's favorites.

Luf, Us

Anita said...

All of the animals
except for man
know that the principle business of life
is to enjoy it.

It´s a great quote. Muhahaha!

Anonymous said...

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