Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday: week over view

yes, this has been quite a week... lots of things happened.. FUN things and terrible clogging things, happy times and sad events. Such is this life...

Now the week-end. This is really a good time to reflect.

Thank you so much for the super strong purrrs for mommie. She is such a baby when she has to go to the doctor. She gets panicky... When she came home she was much happier and we gave her piles of attention.
Again, thank you from Caesar and me for those strong purrrrrrrz for mommie.

We are so excitapated about Blizzie coming home from the kollig compound next Toozday. Mommie has to go and get her because daddie will be in Floreeduh at a konfurrince. I think he will be eating ice cream there... because we saw a special ticket for the ice cream social. Wowie we could do what daddie does too... Anyway, mommie is going to drive her machine to Pencilvainya to get the Blizzette and all of her kollig clutter. We are going to have a party when she comes home. THEN we are going to have SlowSarah come over and learn how to take care of us, mommie is going to invite her early so she can learn all of our requirements because.... on Saterday... next Saterday, mommie daddie and Blizzie are going to go to the Kollig of the Williyam and the Mary and see Chystabelle gradjoomate from the kollig. I think she will have agradjoomation soot on and a special hat too.

So, anyway... getting back to today.
We hope every cat has a delightful Saterday and week-end with your peeple
Living is a form of not being sure,
not knowing what next or how . . .
We guess.
We may be wrong,
but we take leap after leap
in the dark.

~Agnes de Mille


Jeter and Mickey said...

da only 2-leg in colleje anymore in dis howse iz mi 2-leg debra ... hoo came home frum da colleje dis week.
pleez say da followin to yer 2-leg hoo iz gradjooatin nex week. "congratulashunz!"
luv--yer grate frend--jh

Daisy said...

Yes, this has been quite a week! I am happy Blizzie is coming home soon. That will be fun for you. And congratulations in advance on Chrystabelle "granulating" from college! That is a very wonderful achievement.

Dragonheart said...

You must be very excited that Blizzie is coming home. :) Have fun visiting with her! Congratulations to Chrystabelle on her upcoming graduation! :)

Cyclone Cats said...

congrats to your beans on the kollege graduations! our man in green will go back to kollege when he gets bak from Irak.
Sounds like you are keeping buzy!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our Boy grad-gee-ated from college too! He cam ehome last night with his stuff. It's way more than what he went with!

Miss Sara said...

Happy weekend!!

All the college noos is very exciting.


Suzanne said...

wow, you've had such an important week!

kolleg and gradjoomayshuns are pretty cool. be sure your mama teaches slow sarah how to take gooood care of you!

i'm always happy to purr for your mama.


Chairman Mao said...

How exciting about the gradjuations and your sisterbean! And we Ballicai have been purrin' for your momma -- we send her headbonkies and snuggles, too.

Catzee said...

Good thing yur Mom has you to comfort her. Will ya get some ice cream too???

Jake and Bathsheba said...

What exciting events you have coming up! We're relieved that you're mom's doctor visit went well.

We're having a nice gentle rain tonight--hope you are too.

Happy weekend!