Friday, September 14, 2012

Frootbat Friday

Pierro: I am king of the office today

Miles: Pierro you are up high and I want to be up there today

Pierro: Miles, cool it bonkiebrofur

I say calmbonk dowwwwn
Miles: I will climb up there

now bronkie I am king of the office!

Talking to experts does make a difference.
Many of the great disasters of our time
have been committed by experts.

~Thomas Sowell


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

TWO handsome kings!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

TWO handsome kings!

Sparkle said...

I think somekitty wants a promotion!

Tillie and Georgia said...

It's hard to keep a good kitty down ;)
Have a super fun weekend boys !
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Oh, my. Now don't fight, boys! Why don't you both be Princes of the office! See there? Problem resolved!

Have a bronkful day, your Highness-es!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh dear we can see a smacky paws match and backs of disrespect soon.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


Have a good weekend! We think you can both be King of the Office!!
The Florida Furkids

Jenna and Sissy said...

Nothing a game of whap won't solve! We think ya haf enough spots ta watch birdie TV, though.

We like yer kitty tower. Our biggest window (patio door) haf all da human's indoor plants in front of it. We do get sunpuddles there :)

Jean(ie) said...

you two could share your kingly duties... I know. I sound like a mom...

Katnip Lounge said...

Doesn't the King of the Office have to stay late?
ha ha ha!!!

Mary said...

Good buddies having an excellent time together! :)