Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Pierro!

Today is my birthday
I am a mancat I am a mancat


Today is silly Pierro's birthday.
He is a mancat... finally!
Please join us today and celebrate our wonderful clownboy's first year!
we love him so much!
Here is a long story:
Caesar led us to Pierro in March. Mommie was crying a lot. She was so heartbroken about my littermate brother Caesar going to the bridge on January 20 of this year. she cried and cried and cried and cried. she would not stop crying!! She promised me that she would take care of me now that Caesar was gone. She would make sure I was happy and loved now that I was alone.
Then one day in March, mommie was looking in the newspaper and she saw a tiny advert for cornish rex kittens and there was a website silkywonders.com. She loves looking at cornish rex kittens and she went to the web page and saw the kittens.
The minute she saw Pierro's photo,
she looked at him carefully and fell immediately in love with him

these are photos from Dimitri's webpage ^

Perhaps some of you might remember the the events from this first realization that Caesar continued to be in our lives. Blizzie and mom went to the breederguy's house (Dimitri) and looked at his kittens over spring break. He did not live far from our house. Mom told dad that she just wanted to "go and look". Blizzie and mom met two kittens, Pierro and Primus.
She loved Pierro instantly, but Primus was also really cute.
Both kittens were adorrrrable!
She came home and thought maybe two kittens would be okay... but she was worried about me.
She called the vetlady and the vet lady said no, only one kitten. (because of me, and my age. The vet knows me very well) Well, momie did not listen to those words and brought home two days later, two kittens, Pierro and Primus. Then things started unraveling. Mom started worrying a lot about me and the kittens were very wild and silly. she was worried that I would get trampled (I am 17 and almost 1/2 now) and get very very sad. Mom realized she had make a huge mistake bringing two kittens home.
Well, the next day mom had to bring Primus back. She felt really stupid and impulsive. Mom believes that Caesar led us to Pierro. He knew that mom would be very sad when he went to the bridge. Caesar picked the perfect kitten for mom.
Pierro, when he first came to our house... he was really afraid.

So we have had Pierro in our house for 6 months, if you remember in April, Pierro had his hooha surgery only a week after mom brought him home.

Pierro and Blizzie

Now, Pierro is a very good boy. sometimes he bothers me but mostly he is a very gentle and sweet tiger just like Caesar was. I am sure, Pierro was heaven sent!
Look at this lovely birthday graphic that zoolatry made for us!

Have some home made catnip cookies *smiles*

have fresh tuna cookies
I tested them already

but pleeeease

do not take

any of my noo mowsies

Thank you to everycat for being our friends.
we love all of you very very much.

daddy is having his eye surgery this week, so mom will not be around much to help us visit.
also... some gentle purrrs for mommie,
She is going to a new cancer doctor on Friday and she is not looking forward to it.
Usually new a doctor visit means piles of new tests, disgusting!!

Pierro: If you visit the m-cat club guess what?
Ohboy ohboy I am sooo surprised!!!

When I was younger, I could remember anything,
whether it had happened or not;
but my faculties are decaying now
and soon I shall be so I cannot remember any
but the things that never happened.

~Mark Twain


Gattina said...

Happy happy birthday Pierro ! Time flies by so fast ! I remember very well your first steps in your new home and also Primus. It's so nice to see that you and Princess got used so nicely to each other. For an old lady it's not so easy to accept a young kitten.
You also got very nice gifts !
I sent Arthur over to the M-Cat club.When there is something to eat, Arthur is always the first one !

Parker said...

Happy Birthday to the newest Mancat!
Pierro, I hope you have a great birthday!
ps - Hi Prinnie!

goldenshade said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Pierro!!!!!!!

How exciting! Wow! You sure look like a big mancat now!! Very cute indeed!

I have brought you a mouse to celebrate!



Isis said...

Happy birthday Pierro! :)

I have big news too... ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday and Mancat Day, Pierro! We've already been to the Mancat Club - boy, what a banquet they have laid out for your celebration!

We will purr for your Mommie and Daddy, that all goes well and that there are not too many disgusting tests.

THE ZOO said...

Happy Purrthday Pierro. yoos a big mancat now.

The Meezers said...

Happy mancat day Pierro!!! YAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh big big happy mancat birthday!!
That is a lovely story and all us kittehs know that he was led to you, but it's a kitteh secret.. we haz to look after our Mommas and daddas when we has to leave :))
We hope your Mommas new doctor is nice, and does not do too many tests, but tests find ou things too!
And, we hope your daddas eye is ok! :)


andophiroxia said...

Happy Birthday Pierro!

Good luck with your Mommy's tests and Daddy's surgery! All will be well!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Happy Birthday sweet Pierro! I can't believe you're a year old now you still are such a kitten to me :). We're all very glad Caesar led your Mom to you.


Jimmy Joe said...

Happy First Birthday, Pierro! What an exciting day. You play with your new mousies all day, buddy. Thanks for the cookies!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Poppy Q said...

Happy purrfday to you Pierro, I am glad you picked a super family to live with.

I hope moms doctors visit goes well and dads eye surgery works out, and he has a smooth recovery.

Smooches to you all.

ZOOLATRY said...

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Niko and Cloud said...

Happy Purrthday!!
You are no longer a catman-in-braining! You are a real catman now!

-Cloud and Niko

Jan's Funny Farm said...

A very Happy Birthday, Pierro!

You have done a very good job of helping your sister and your mom through some tough months.

Junior said...

Happy Purrthday Pierro!!!!!!!! Those are great nip cookies!!!!

We will be purring for your Daddy and your Mommy!!!

The Cat Realm said...

Happy birthday Pierro!!! It is hard to believe that it is a year already... Hahahhaah - we won't take any of your new mowsies, hahahahahaha, you are funny!
Lots of purrs to your Mom and Dad!
Mrs. OZ, Tintin and Karl

michico*Adan said...

Happy haPPY Birthday to Pierro~!!!
Congratulations that you are becoming a mancat~!! How awesome~!!!!And very happy that you come into our lives~!!!!! I believe there will be more and more smiles and happiness that you will bring to your mom and your lovely sister, and for us~!

Wish you always happy and healthy~!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Happy Happy Birthday Pierro!!! Congratulations on now being a mancat!

Riley & Tiki said...

Happy Birthday, Pierro!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Happy Purrthday Pierro...wow, yoor a mancat now! Speedy sez he'd like to buy yoo a drink at da club to celebrate.

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Pierro! You have grown into a very fine Mancat, and I know Caesar is looking down proudly at you.

Lux said...

Happy happy birthday, Pierro! May all your wishes come true ... :)

Sunny's Mommy said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Pierro :-) Congratulations on officially becoming a mancat, too!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy birthday Pierro! We know Caesar is looking down from the Bridge and smiling at the joy you've brought your beans.

Enjoy your big day buddy.

PS We'll purr and pray for your daddy. We are so glad he made it out of that building safely on Sept. 11 so he could have these years with all of you

The Furry Kids said...

Happy Birthday, Pierro! Caesar sure made a good pick for your family. :)

We'll be purring and purraying for all of you this week. It sounds like you've got a busy one.

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

Happy Birthday Pierro! :) Congratulations on becoming a Mancat! :) We hope you have the very best day ever! :)

Tenny said...

Happy Birthday yoo hansum mancat!

Those are sum grate cookies. I'm happy to cellabrate with yoo.

Hedbutts and lovey hed kisses,


Fat Eric said...

Happy happy purrthday Pierro! Hope you get lots of treats!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy furrst purrfday Pierro, and concatulations on becoming an official Mancat.
We are purring for your mum and your dad.

Pablo said...

Welcome to mancathood, Pierro!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Happy Purrfday Pierro! We finks you were sent from Heaven too. Yur Mom has a very loving and loyal heart. Yoo picked a great home!

Sweet Praline said...

Happy, happy 1st birthday, Pierro.

Willow said...

Happy 1st Birthday to you Pierro! I'm sorry to be so late but my Food Lady is out of town and not here to help me visit... You look so cute (oops I mean very mancatly) with your mousies!

Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

Luna said...

Happy Birthday to you, Pierro!!!!

Congrats to be finally a man cat.
Wow the time flys.... one year...
We German Mietzies think you are a cute man cat. And little Olli admired that you have become a man cat.

purrs to Princess and to your mom and dad. Stay well and good luck for the surgery.

Luna, Luzie, Olli and Stefanie

Karen Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Pierro! I hope you have a great time playing with your mousies. I hope that your Dad's surgery goes well and that your Mom's new doctor doesn't do too many disgusting tests.

Chairman Mao said...

Wowie, Pierro! ConCATulashuns on bein a mancat! You are a fabyoolus and handsum mancat, and what a wunnerful little bruther you are to Prinnie! We wish you a wunnerful happy furst burthday and we are sure that Caesar sent you to yur wunnerful fambly.

We Ballicai will be purrin fur yur Dad's surgery to go well and we will purr that yur Momma doesn't have to have too many testies.

We love you and your wunnerful fambly! Have a great and happy day!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Pierro, Happy Birthday to you!

We wish you a very, very happy birthday and we're glad that you came to live with Princess!

Mickey said...

Pierro I hope you enjoyed your Birthday!!! How does it feel to be a Mancat?!!!!
A party is fun,But I would never take your new mousies :)
Purrs Mickey

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 1st Birthday Pierro and many, many many mooooore!! You have grown up so quickly!!
Your FL furiends,

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

PIERRO, we are SO SORRY that we missed your birthday!!!


The pictures are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

"Darn" I missed it.Happy belated Birthday Pierro. I will be praying for your mom and dad that all goes well...Hugs Ariel

Honey P. Sunshine said...

did i remember to say happy purrthday piero?

Mr. Chen and Ollie said...

Oh Pierro - Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! We are sorry we missed it for sure. Sound like you had a great day though - welcome to mancathood!!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Anonymous said...

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