Monday, March 24, 2008

Mancat Monday ~ Caesar our love

Mancats always try to achieve daily maximum sun exposure.
click to biggify
Really spread your toes... it feels great!
Stretch out and soak it up!

Happy Monday Everycat!

I hope all of you behaved yesterday and got to eat ham!
I did!

Big question:
Mom and Blizzie went to a webpage of a superb cornish rex breeder that lives here in No. Va and found that he has two cornish rex 6 month old boys.
Mom and Bliz went and actually met the boys this past Saturday. they are very sweet and not aggressive at all (Primus and Pierro).
They do not bite. One (Pierro) fell asleep on mommie's lap even.
Do any of you have any ideas/advice (positive and negative) how that would work with Moi? I will be 17 next month. I am in pretty good health but I do move kind of slowly because my back legs have arthritis. Should/could we do this? or would it be a big mistake??

I love all of you so much
purrrs for a happy day.
Here... *sniff* Blizzie goes back to the compound today... boohoo

It is in Christ that we find out who we are
and what we are living for.

Long before we learned of Christ
and got our hopes up,
He had his eye on us.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh Prinnie, that would be lovely if you had a friend. Are you still missing Caesar as well?

Sometimes older cats actually do better with youngsters around. Georgia certainly ran around a lot more when Gemini came to the house. She was old, but the youngest of our family of old cats. And then came Gemini and she started running around again like she hadn't in years.

If you are in good enough health to give a good whap and are emotionally stable enough that you won't be overwhelmed by a kitten it could be a good thing.

However, there are so many variables--like how much will it stress you to be introduced to a new kit. Do you think that you could have an adoption period--where if the kitten doesn't work out with you that your people could take them back--sort of like a month long trial?

Adan*Michico said...

Happy Easter to you, Princess.
And your mommy, daddy and lovely Blizzie~!
I hope Easter bunny also visit you give you some great gift~

Meanwhile, I will continue purr for you!

Tiger Lily said...

Happy Easter Princess!

I agree with Chey. My sister Jemima is 14 and she has accepted Ruckus and me without any problems. This sounds like it could be a good move for you. Mom says she would go for it. Of course we are 3 kitties and 2 woofies so we are used to having lots of us around.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Caesar looks so relaxed and comfortable spread out in the sun.

We've heard that getting two kittens is the best way to bring kittens into a home with an older cat, so that they can expend lots of energy on each other. We think having kittens around might be wonderful for you, Prinnie. Moving slowly shouldn't be a problem, as long as you can still give the kittens a good whap when needed, and as long as you have places you can get to when you want to be left alone.

Sending lots of purrs and hugs your way!

Christine and FAZ said...

I agree with DH & Merlin - two kittens will hopefully keep each other busy and then you can relax and watch from a comfortable position. This is so exciting. Let us know what you decide. I bet Caesar is watching from the Bridge with baited breath. FAZ

The Meezers said...

we agree with Chey and Dragonheart. We were also going to suggest maybe getting both boys. That way the will expend their energy on each other and not chase you all around, so it will be even less stressful for you. we think it would be an excellent idea!


DEBRA said...

We found that introducing a young cat to our brood was a good thing..although anyone that comes near to Momma is gonna hear it from me...
WE think you would like having some young ones around Princess...


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I think it would be a very wonderful thing. And since they would come together they could play kitten games with each other but still play nice snuggle stuff with you. I think its a very good idea. Of course, if you're looking for some real excitement one of my sisfurs is giving birth soon :).


Chance said...

I fink yur Mommie shuld get both kitties fur yoo. Den yoo can gives dem lurves an snuggles an pwetend ta be a momma kitteh to dem, wiles dey chasie each utter awounds all days.

Daisy said...

We looked at Primus and Pierro and they are adorable! Prinnie, maybe having a kitten around would make you feel young and frisky.

I think it would be a wonderful tribute to Caesar to bring another cornish rex kitty home. I think he would approve.

Tybalt said...

I agree with Chey and Dragonheart. I think it may be a very good idea to bring home two little kits so that you won't be as lonesome . . . and to give you a nice, healthy workout! My sisters were still young when I was adopted, but having me there still livened them up and made them more active, and I think healthy. I'll be purring for you, Prinnie!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

I almost 5 when momma got my rambunctious little sister, but I was as lethargic as a much older cat. Empress gave me energy I never thought I had! Momma has a friend who had to older cats (late teens) one passed away and the remaining one was very sad. She got him a kitten and it was good for both of them. We think the idea of both kittens sound good too! ~Queen Snickers

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

He has Risen Indeed!
Caesar was a very smart and handsome Mancat.
I hope you had a lovely Easter.
We have no experience with adding cats to the house because I'm mommy's first cat and with my pursonality (and FIV) it would be hard to have a sibling.
I think your VET could have some insight since he/she knows you. My mommy has used an "animal communicator" in the past with great success. Perhaps there is one by you?

PB & J said...

We agree with, well everybody! When our Mommy's old dog got a puppy the old dog got younger and more playful! Maybe you would like a little "young blood" around - and just whap them into line when needed!

Boy said...

Ok, don't wet That Thing see this, but I do think it'll be gweat if you get a wittle bwother!
The V-E-T whom That Thing woves so much did say too, that usuawwy we wespected seniors will do well with younger kitties.
And they do need our wisdom to gwow up into fine adults don't they?
I'm getting to be 15 this year, but I took just a week to be able to sweep on the same bed with That Thing.
And he sometimes does amuse me.
Don't wet him know that though!

All the best for your decision, whatever it is.

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Looks like we agree with most everycat & Mom.

Mom says she would consider getting both kittens so most of their energy is directed and spent on each other. It will also help them adapt to their new environment more easily and much quicker. Mom is a firm believer in the buddy system. Two by two, just like Noah and the Ark!

Princess sure looks like she's got plenty of Whap in her to keep them both in line to remind them to be highly respectable to their elders!

The Lady Ba and Princess Noelle said...

The Lady Ba and Princess Noelle both enjoyed having kittens around. It will take a little adjustment but we found that little ones bring so much joy into the home... and even playtime into the life of an elderly lady!

Smudge and Zoe said...

I stayed with mom's 17 year old cat Bailey at her parent's house for a while. Bailey has always been an only cat and mom was really worried. It took a few days but Bailey adjusted to me and liked to sniff me and even play with my toys (I learned not to wrestle pretty quick though). Bailey wasn't too stressed and ate and acted normally. I think two new kittens would be lots of fun!

The Furry Kids said...

Happy Easter, Prinnie! I'm glad you got to spend some time with Blizzie.

We don't know anything about getting new kitties, but it would be kind of exciting to get a new brother! Those little guys are pretty handsome.

We can't wait to hear what you guys decide.


The Crew said...

Prinnie dear, we think that would be a fine idea! It would help heal the pain in your family's heart.

I am almost 11 and I've never had a problem with Mom bringing home a kitten for me to train. Those 2 boys would keep each other company and you could play or not play, depending on how you felt on any given day.


Jana said...

I think two boys is a great idea, will help Princess feel less lonely for Ceasar and make her feel more kitteny when she has to chase those two for a good smack. But, are mommie and daddie and Blintzie really up to another 17 years of service to the cat masters of the house?

snowforest said...

We agree with everybody else ~ we fink it would be a pawesome idea ~ there would be so much fun and play in your house, it would energize you and make all of you guys furry happy!
We visited the website and all those kitties look very cute and playful :)
We'd love to see you guys go for it!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Oh Prinnie!!!!
Here iz what da momee here sez about deze possybull new brudderz of yourz (we went & looked at da Web page & dey looks mighty cute!)

Hello Princess. I moved my two boys (4 years old and 5 years old at the time)in with Dr Tweety's daddy and his two senior cats, who were 18 and 14 at the time.

It did stress the senior cats a bit initially, but then everyone settled in after a couple of weeks.

The 18 year old Tiger whapped the younger ones a few times and made sure they knew who was king, and 14 year old Trixie whapped them and ignored them for the most part. But in the end, she made friends with Dr TWeety.

It may have been different if they were young kittens, but I still think that kittens have a tendency to respect their elders and find their place in the household quickly. And, they will have each other to bounce off of the ceiling with while yo enjoy your naps in the sunshine and tea with your friends.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed, and Dr Tweety will keep his paws crossed, that all turns out to be wonderful happy ending for your family.

Much love,
Dr Tweety & hiz momee

Lorianna said...

What everyone has said makes very good sense! As long as Prinnie is still lavished with love and treated as Queen of all She Surveys, like we did with Tookie when we took in Cricket things should be fine. Just make sure that You keep your special place by the window for yourself Prinnie. I will keep you all in my thoughts with this.
Hugs and Purrs,

Benjamin Fuzz said...

we did not have ham, and we did not have chocolate either. what is this world coming to?

babies are great fun. energizing, in fact!

your mommie's heart will guide the decision.


Mickey said...

Hello Pretty Princess <3

I think whatever you want to do is fine.The boys look very cute.
I am 10 years older than my sisfurs. Before then,I was an only cat. I do not mind them ,but prefer Mom. I mostly stay in her bedroom unless I want out.The girls do not come into "my" space. This seems to work for me. If you are more social having little kitties would work.You just need a place to retreat to :)
Purrs Mickey

Samantha & Tigger said...

Oh Prinnie, they are adorable!! Everyone has given you such good advice! Whatever you and your Mom decide is cool with us! Kittens are such fun and they would be so much fun for you!
Your FL furiends,

Parker said...

Dear Prinnie - What everyone else said is what I think. Having youngsters will help you stay young and give you some kitty companionship. It also helps to have two 'cause they will amuse one another.
Purrs and smooches!

Isis said...

I think we're being hard done by, we got no ham all weekend! :(

Animals with Opinions said...

maybe having new kittys around would put a new bounce in your step. if they bother you just swat at them and make scary noises. that's what our new old cat does to me. oh what is the compound? it sounds kinda scary.

thanks for the visit

Luna said...

Dear Prinnie,
We think too it will be fine to have new kitties in your house.
Kitties are good for everyone and you are not alone if your mom is busy out of the house.
Those kitties are adorable, we visited the webside.
Oh Prinnie how lucky you are you got ham.... we had no ham
Good luck with your decision
purrs and love
Luna and the German kitties

Animals with Opinions said...

haha okay i thought maybe compound was like an asylum or something.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Princess it might be nice for you to have another brother or sister. Bouncie was 13 when we gotted Trixie and she sure did liven up the place!

Moki said...

Yup we agree...if your going to adopt young ones do it in a pair, otherwise opt for a slightly older kitty which will more than likely be less active and less likely to chase you around the house...

Yoggie said...

I have no experience in these things, but I think it would be a good idea. You are used to having a friend cat around you. It is not good for cats who were the only cat in the household for a long time - but you are not. It seems to be easier when you are the older cat and can show the kitten who is the boss. It will understand. Perhaps your mum could bring in the kitten for about a week to test out how you two react to each other. If it should not work with you she could return the kitten.

Anonymous said...

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