Friday, September 5, 2008

Froots and flowers

Well, this week-end we are going to get heavy rains and winds from the hurricane Hanna.
so that means rain rain rain and lots of tv and home baked goods
(we are far enough inland that it will not effect us directly [No. Va]) however Blizzie is in Williamsburg!!

I love home baked goods.
if you click on this photo you can see Pierro, he really blends into the sunny ledge.

Here are two spiff sunflower pictures from mom's garden.

Have a wonderful and happy week-end

Pierro and I also want to say good bye rest well to Texas the kitty.

we know that Caesar was there at the bridge to lead him to forever happiness

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
The government that can do
everything for us,
is the same government that will
take everything from us!
Abe Lincoln

PS: Pierro and I have received many wonderful awardies this past few weeks.
Thank you so very very much. we are really honored to have them. I will try to get them up next week!!


Parker said...

Rain would be such a lovely thing to have! It has not rained here in a month!
Have a snuggle-full weekend!

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Baked good sounds lovely. We had lots of rain with Fay. Lots and lots. We hope you stay safe, high and dry!

The Furry Kids said...

Mmmmm, baked goods. I wish I could come over. :)

We didn't even see Pierro on the ledge. hee hee

Happy weekend to you!

Your pal,

The Meezers said...

mmm home baked goods!!!

Daisy said...

Stay safe! We got a lot of rain today from the outer bands of Hanna, but we are really worried about Ike.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

We're going to get the storm tomorrow too as we're in NJ. Have a nice snuggle weekend!


PB 'n J said...

Pierro looks like he's having a great sun bath!

Have a lovely and safe weekend Princess!

Lux said...

A nice rainy weekend - with food - sounds kinda cozy. As long as it doesn't get too skeery!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I hope you and your family all stay dry!!!

The Crew said...

Prinnie dear, we hope all our friends on the east coast stay safe. Our grampa lives in Mew Jersey and Dad is worried about him, too.

Mickey said...

Hello Pretty Princess!!!!! <3

You look beautiful in the sunshine and Pierro looks happy :) WE like sunshine too! Sunday we will get what is left of Hanna. They are telling us it could be windy. We live hear the coast.
I hope you have a nice weekend with lots of snuggles :)
Purrs for Blizzie :)

Purrs Mickey

Lorianna said...

Hi pretty Prinnie and cute Pierro!
Oh, what is Mommy baking? Yum!
Her sunflowers are lovely! We have had a lot of rain here finally. There's nothing like rainwater for the garden.
I received a cute little stuffed white cat as a gift. Her name is Princess Billie Hunny Bunny. :) I will have to post her picture.
Have a fun, happy weekend!
Gentle Hugs,

THE ZOO said...

were glad yur safe but can relax and enjoy Hanna and baked guds and and curling up wiff tha beans.

snowforest said...

Beautiful pictures of you guys and flowers ~ we are glad you are safe from the hurricane ~ have a happy Sunday :)

Chairman Mao said...

We need some rain here, too! And it sounds like yur gettin lotsa rain. But I'm glad you will be safe.

What an adorabble pickshure of you two snoozin, and those are such beeyootiful sunflowers! They're one of Momma's favorite flowers.

Alla us Ballicai send love and purrs to Texas's fambly.

And we wanted to tell you -- we gaved you an awardie cuz we love yur bloggie!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Anonymous said...

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