Monday, August 13, 2007

meme Monday

Caesar: uh oh. we have a bazzilion meme's to do!!
Princess: Well, more like 5. So, let's get two out of the way today!

5 things that changed our lives

1. Being born. we are litter mates and we are happy to be here!
2. mommie finding us by an ad in the newspaper and bringing us home
3. having two wonderful sweet and smart bean sisters has made us smart too
4. living in a gigantic house where we can hide anywhere and not respond when called so the mom bean thinks we might be laying somewhere not breathing hahahahaha
5. subq flooids. They make us feel happy and peppy

Dragonheart chose us for this meme:
Ten things that we hate:
1. Caesar: I hate loud clinking silverware: when mom puts the clean eating tools away. OW that hurts my ears stoppit mommie. don't do that!
2. Prinnie: I hate being picked up and snuggled when I have not given permission to be picked up and snuggled. put me down!!!
3. Caesar: I hate having a hard poop stuck in my butt :::blushes::: it is completely embarrassing and mommie follows me from litter box to litter box to encourage me. Now I have to take gloppy medicine every day...
4. Prinnie: ...I hate being locked in our room at night because Caesar is a pest and will not let mommie and daddie sleep.
5. Caesar: yeah, I hate that... no. yes!
I mean, I hate the part about being in the room at night.
6. Prinnie: I also hate Caesar's loud and persistent crying and sobbing when we are locked in the room at night. Like that is really going to help....
7. Caesar: I hate that I cannot jump down 14 feet from the upstairs like I used to, and it is getting increasingly difficult to get up into some high places.
This is me when I was about 5 years old (1996), in our former house at Merruhlind.
I used to jump to the table and then to the top of the door.

8. Prinnie: Okay... well, I HATE that Blizzie is going back to kollig. I really hate that!!!!
9. Caesar: well, I hate being put in that bloo prison box and shoved into the scary driving machine and going to the vet. meoowww I hate that!
10. Prinnie: I hate that we do not get to eat Fancy Feast anymore. Now we have to eat Hills K/d. It is just okay, but .... boring and not very smelly, rather dry, has white things in it that does not look like tiger foods, and did I say boring?

Today is an easy day. Our Daddie left this morning early. He is driving on a long trip to Mushiegan, no, Mish-Mashiegan... to see his daddie (the old grammpa that snores reeeelly loud) in the YooPee (Marquette). He will be gone all week, so it will just be us and Blizzie and mommie. Yay. We hope daddie has a safe trip and does not get any speeding tickits.

Prinnie: about the stresssss this week... that will happen on Friday. Mommie has to get up really early and get some x-rays and a sonogram done for her doctor that takes care of her bloods that has the non-hodgkins lymphomas floating around in her bloods. This makes mommie all shaky and worried. Blizzie will go with her on Friday. She has to go really early and not have any breakfasts, or any koffee, not even a cookie, so she will be very sad and krabby and afraid and nervous.
Mommie, you need to stop thinking about this now!
Mommie hates diseases. She is a nurse and knows too much. Mommie stop knowing and thinking!!!

Caesar: ::::whimpers:::: Blizzie goes back to kollig in three weeks!
This is terrible terrible terrible. We need to lock Blizzie in her room!

We hope everycat has the very best day ever!
when you feel the urge to purr, send some over to our place. We could collect some purrs and give them to mommie in large doses every day.
mommie, stoppit, stop werrying

We might be blogging sporadically this week. We will try to visit our wonderful friends every day even if we do not blogggg on a particular day.

love purrrs and headbutts

Whatever you are
be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln


Dragonheart said...

You two were the most adorable little curly kittens ever! :) So sweet. :) You were a great jumper Caesar - impressive!

Lots of important events that changed your life, and I can see why you hate those things on your list.

Sorry to hear about your mom's non-hodgkins lymphoma. Knowing too much can definitely be bad at times. My mom doesn't know as much as yours, since she's just studying to be a physiotherapist, but she knows enough for it to be dangerous! I hope all goes well for your mom on Friday. I will be purring and praying for her.

Parker said...

Hi C&P!
That's a new thing that my Mommy worries about now - the house is so big and we like to nap in hidey spots, Mommy looks all over, 'cause she worries something has happened to us! We like watching her, she's very amusing!
I will say some very special prayers for your Mommy. Labwork and stuff is scary and no fun. Mommy goes every 3 months for her stoopid Diabetes and she always worries too.
Have a happy Monday!

The Meezers said...

happy monday caeser and princess!! we will make extra speshul purrs to send to your sweet momma!

Daisy said...

You were such cute tiny little babies! I have never seen that picture before.

Having poopies stuck in your bottom does not sound very fun. I hope the poops are moving better now.

I am going to store up many extra purrs this week so they will be ready for your mom on Friday when she needs them!

Tyler said...

Your mommie will have tons of purrs from us cuz there are five of us plus our momma. We'll store em all up in a big bubble and send them over late Thurday night, so she can have 'em as soon as she needs em.

I love seeing your kitten picture and also the picture of the daredevil Cesar. Wowie that is some balancing act.

Purrs, and headbutts Tyler and family

Karen Jo said...

You were such cute kittens, and you are still cute now. I am glad that both of you have started to think that your fluids are good things. I understand why you hate the things that you hate. I can't purr, but I will save up a bunch of warm hugs and send them over to your Mom Thursday night. I really hope all goes well with her at her Friday appointment.

The Crew said...

Oh gosh, look how cute you were!

Gemini said...

Oh purrs to your Momma from all of us here! We will think about her while she worries.

DK & The Fluffies said...

We have a squillion memes to do also!

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wowie, I'm amazed by yur jumpin' skills, Caesar! You kould give Dorydoo a run fur her money! And always, we Ballicai are purrin' fur you and Prinnie -- we love you lots and we want you to feel good effury day.

I loved readin' both your memes and I hope you have a superduper week!

Lots of kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Chairman Mao said...

And lots and lots of purrs and purrayers for your Mommy! My Momma sends her great big huggies!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh my goodness. you had the squishiest cutest kitten faces! i guess i didn't remember you were littermates. how great you're together!

your door photo made mommy nervous. it gave me ideas.

those are very good lists. we'll be purrin and prayin for your mommy. if you need help keeping Blizzie locked in her room let me know. it stinks when the loved beans go away.

The Furry Fighter said...

you look so cute as kittens (and adults obviously!)

Christine and FAZ said...

Oh my goodness, we do hope your human finds out that everything is okay after her tests. We hope all of you are okay. Thank you for taking so much time to fill in your meme, it was good to know so much about you. Thinking of you all from space. Lots of purrs and good wishes from us. FAZ

Henry Helton said...

I love memes. I get to know a lot about you kitties.

Chen & Ollie said...

Wowie! We didn't know you guys were litter mates. You are too cute. That photo of Ceasar on top of the door is wonderful! We are sending many many purrs and lots of love your mom's way this week.
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Samantha & Tigger said...

Great meme's Prinnie and Caesar and you two were so cite as kitties and so beautiful now. We will send purrrrrrrrrss and purrayers to you Mom!! Healing purrrrrs.
Your FL furiends,

Lux said...

You were both so cute when you were babies (and still are)!

Caesar, I hate the sound of clinking silverware, too! In fact, I just ran away from the kitchen where the dishwasher was being emptied, and I was crying.

Look at you on top of that door!

michico 小芥 said...

Wowww, so little and sweet while you were a baby, I love that.

I totally agree with lock in the room this things, I dislike that,too. I always hope someone could be with me in the room.

Caesar, you really jumped very high, that is so so cool, But I think that is ok you can't jump so high, because everyone gets old, someday I can't jump, either.And I wish I could wise as you.

Tara said...

Love the picture of you on the door Caesar, that is real skill!

Thoughts go with your Mom this week.


The Fluffy Tribe said...

oh you two are so cute and furry wise. We hopes yer Momma is feelin okay and we sends her good vibes from The Fluffy Tribe

Dragonheart said...

Hi Caesar and Princess! :) I've tagged you for another meme. :) I hope you both have a great day!

Riley & Tiki said...

Purrs and purrayers for your Mommie. Also, we are very glad you two are getting used to subQ and are feeling better.

Boy said...

Ah...hope your Mommie's alwight.
Those were vewy important things that changed your wives!

The Furry Kids said...

Those are good meme's. We are saying lots of purrayers for your Mommie. Going to get your bloods stolen is no fun.


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We love baby pikturs, and yours are so cute!
My brofurs and sisfurs have started purring, Mom will be puraying and we're sending them over to your Mommie efury night!

~ Napoleon

Forty Paws said...

We will send you lots of purrs, headbutts and healing thoughts for your Mommy. Here they come!!!

:::purrs:::||||Headbutts||||{{{{pawsitive thoughts}}}}

Luf, Us

caspersmom said...

Boy, that was a lot of information. But we sure do get to know you a lot better. I know what you mean about the things you can't do like you used to. Mom and Dad are always saying that too. We will be sending up purrs and prayers for you and your Mommie this week. We sure do hope things will turn out O.K.



Marlene said...

Caesar and Prinnie, I love that photo from the two of you in the box when you still were little kitties!!

And Caesar on that door...:) Great photo, boy!! But every age has its charm, and not all cats become 16 and can look back at when they were young.

We have been purring for mommie since Friday so here comes the first load purrings:
[ purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR purrrrrrr PuRRrr PurrrrRRRRR pUrrRRRR ]

I will send some Reiki Friday!

Jimmy Joe said...

Great learning so much about you two. I love your little kittens-in-a-box picture! You know what: the white thingies in your k/d are rices. Oreo eats the k/d, too, but somehow she manages to eat everything except the rices. She's a clever old crank. Coco likes the rices, though. I hope your Momma's doin' okay.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Ohhhh dat baby picshure of yoo in da box is soooooo cute!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Thanks for posting this so we can get to know you better!!! Adorable baby pictures and the one on the top of the door is awesome!
Please let your mom know we are thinking about her and hope her Friday appointment goes well.
Our boy went back to college yesterday.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

great memes.

we're purring hard for your help her not worry too much and to not be too scared. our mom is holding your mom's hand while she goes in for her testing. nobody has to do this hard stuff by themselves (no disrespect intended for blizzie).

love (did you hear that?) LOVE
ben fuzz
lucy furr
mom toni

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Oooh, you hads so much to bloggie about today. We accept you might be worn out from it and we will see yous two laters. :) Our momma says good luck and best wishes to your momma.

~Napoleon & Hunter~

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Oooh, you hads so much to bloggie about today. We accept you might be worn out from it and we will see yous two laters. :) Our momma says good luck and best wishes to your momma.

~Napoleon & Hunter~

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

My sweet kitty furrrends. How often I think about you two:) You always come to visit me even when i am so tired and don't visit back. us old kitties are just takin things one day at a time. I will keep your mommy bean close in my prayers....does this mean you might not make our sweet sixteen famle reunion? Maybe you might be able to pop in for a bit.
I would like to ask you to please send me your addy to: kjacks2 AT charter Dot Net
You are both so special to me...right from the beginning. Please take good care of mommy...she loves you so much. Thank you for doing the memes...I love learning more about you.
Life can be so wonderful and you both always have a way of reminding us about that.
Love Miss Peach

Anonymous said...

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