Monday, April 16, 2007

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Caesar made no mention of it, but... THANK YOU so much for the Birthday wishes and for coming to our party. We absolutely enjoyed having each and every one of you.
It is such a wonderful feeling to have lovely kitty friends like all of you. We adore you.
Next year, we will have something special... like a birthday cruise or something.
Perhaps we can plan huge party for all of us double digit felines

What a nightmare, the news yesterday about that kollig in Virginia... Virginia Tech. My kollig girls to do not go to that kollig, but they have several, many many friends that do (we are only six hours away and it is an excellent state university) ... so far, we have heard that all of their friends are safe, but we are not so sure... It has been difficult learning new information.... and some of it has been shocking and terribly frightening. We have been purring and praying for those families that have been touched by this horrible tragedy
If you like, you can snag these buttons my William and Mary (in Williamsburg, Va) kolliggirl made.

Since on mommies bloggie, we shared a cutie picture of our tiny little college girl, Blizzie, playing the jazzypiano. Today I will share with you our big kollig girl, Chrystabelle. She is graduating in May with a degree in pcy - sphy - phycs - psychology, yeah. So now she can come home and figure out what is the problem with her parents hahahahahaha hmmmmm
We love her... and we hope that she discovers that we are all sane here.
Isn't she beeeyootiful?
Did I tell you that we love her? She is probably smarter than daddie now. Oh ...well, she was smarter that daddie in middle school. She told me that way back then...

That statue ^... is not really a statue!
click on it for your viewing enhancement and you will see

To love is most important...

There is only one happiness in life;
to love
and be loved

George Sand


Dragonheart said...

Yes, the news from Virgina Tech is so sad. :) I hope none of your friends are affected. All the victims, their families and friends are in my prayers.

Your big college girl is very pretty! :) So are you Princess. :)

Daisy said...

Hi Chrystabelle! You are very beautiful. But be careful of that statue! I almost screamed when I saw his eyeballs.

I hope all of your friends at school are safe. What a terrible tragedy.

Faz the Cat said...

Hi Princess, the sadest news about Virginia tech, I couldn't believe it when I saw the news late last night here in the UK. On a happier note we're glad you liked our Moooo Cow's head picture. Wait till you see the new one tomorrow. FAZ and Christine

The Meezers said...

we hope that you get all good news on your furriends at Va Tech. Mommy is so sick in her heart over this.

Wow, that statue is amazing. How can he stand so still for so long?

You kollig girl is furry beautiful!! After she is done wif your mommy and daddy, send her here to figure out what is wrong wif our mommy!

srp said...

That looks like a very fuzzy and soft blanket. We love soft blankets and flannel sheets.

We have a college girl at William and Mary. Your girl is very cute...she has a sister?

Mr. Rhett

=^..^= said...

The Virginia Tech Attack is furry tragik. We hope nofing like that will efur happen again.

You haf a furry purrty Mom. And she's smart too! Beauty and brains... wow...


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi, the Virginia Tech tragedy is awful. What makes beans behave like that?? We'll never know.
What a sweet big girl you have! I'm sorry I missed your birthdays but my typist was out of town.
happy belated sweet 16 to you both! That is wonderful (the party looked like it was oodles of fun too!)

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that you had a nice birthday party. Happy Sweet Sixteen to both of you. The Virginai Tech tragedy is horrible. I hope that you get all good news about your friends.

yao-lin said...

It is terribly sad news. So awful.

Jennifer said...

Dear Prinnie and Caesar,

Please thank your William and Mary kolliggirl for making the buttons. I put one on The Morning Scratch Web site. I was quite a mess yesterday waiting to hear news. All my VT friends have graduated, but it still feels as if this was an attack on who and what I love.

I am wondering, where does your big kollig girl go to school?

I talked to Bogdan, Kat 3 and Sara this morning on the phone, and they say hello! They already miss reading your bloggie.

- Bogdan's investor

Parker said...

So sad, so sorry about VT...
But your Chrystabelle is very beautiful and so are you guys!

Derby said...

Mr Statue is spooky. Glad your furiends are safe.

The Meezer Gang said...

We are glad your friends are safe...the VT news was such a tradedy!

Parker said...

P.S. - we put the V.T. tribute on my blog! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Hey you guys,
I thought the little college girl went to W&M. I was confused. So where does the little college girl go? I am wondering because most of my friends stayed in-state for college, and I toured sooooo many colleges before deciding to go really far away from home for school.
-The Morning Scratch Investor

Suzanne said...

neat picture of your big college girl. and she's graduated, too! is she headed off to graduate school? (tell her it's worth it. my mama went and LOVES her job!)

the situation at virginia tech makes us very sad. leaky eyed sad.

purrs and hopeful headbutts.


Chairman Mao said...

Wild and wiggy statue! And Momma says to tell you she loves the George Sand quote.

DK & The Fluffies said...

You have some very cute humans!

Tara said...

I've been worried about all my kitty friends back east that might have relatives at VT. I'm furry glad your freinds are alright. Your college girl is very pretty, but I must say, that statue is down right scary!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Chrystabelle is furry pretty! We made that statue big and got scared!
We are going to snag a button. Thank you for making them available.
Happy WW

Pablo said...

From the cats of Tasmania to the cats of Virginia, condolences. We had a big awful shooting in Tasmania in 1996, before I was born. Horrible stuff.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We are snagging one of your tributes, mom wuz leeking again over all dis bad stuff. Yoor kollidj gerl is furry pretty. Our bean sisfur once told mom dat da older she got da dumber she thot she wuz. No ONE can know effurything and sum of dem know not much. At least dey are smart enuff to get a cat to help.