Friday, October 19, 2007

Flowers and resting up for the week-end Friday

Here are some olde tired zinnias from our garden. They look kind of cool all brown like this.
They are ready for Autumn too. Hopefully these zinnia's will plop their seedheads into the ground and the new flowers come back next year. Sometimes that happens.

. . . the flowers on the side of the house:

Look at those nasturtium seeds mommie collects every year

Mom likes to pull these seeds off and dry them on a big plate in the morning room.
Then she gives the seeds away to friends. haha last year she gave a little bag of dried seeds to her sister, Joyce. Mommie was sure that Joyce knew that they were seeds.
Later Joyce called her and asked her what sort of nuts they were. hahaha
Mommie told her do not eat them! plant them. hahahaha meeeaow

What a week.
Yes, I am playing the stubborn game. When I see mommie come with my baby foods dish and the flooids bag, I go away. Then sometimes I try to wiggle away while mommie is fooling with the needle. She does not get angry with me.... but she thinks I am being silly and naughty.
Granted, mommie is an old nurse, and she always gets her way and she makes it look like I let her.
She is tricky.

I am going to rest up today so I can be perky this week-end!
z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z

Mommie and dad are driving up to the kollig to see Blizzie play the piano with her Jazz group on Saturday!
Sunday, mommie has to play hand bells will her choir in church. AND lastly, mom has beaucoup de homework. I have to help mom conjugate french verbs this week-end... oh goodie.

We hope you have the very best week-end.
Thank you so much for your lovley comments yesterday.
Be Happy!

Happiness is like a butterfly
which, when pursued,
is always beyond our grasp,
but, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.

~Nathaniel Hawthorne


Dragonheart said...

Those are lovely flowers! :) Caesar, you are certainly very silly and naughty, but I'm glad you get your fluids in the end. Good luck to Blizzie and your mom with their performances. Have fun helping your mom with her French homework.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Busy weekend! What verbs does she have to do? The LL loves doing the verbie things.
Je suis, Tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes, vous etes, ils/elles sont.

At least she thinks that is still right.

Ramses said...

Your flowers are very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

What pretty flowers! Most of ours did not do very well because it has been very dry here. The mums are still hanging in because mom waters them.

Why do you has to take fluid shots?

Parker said...

Caesar - get some rest and be a good boy with those fluids!
I hope your weekend is full of love!

The Meezers said...

those is purrty flowers. mommy growed those nasty-urchins once and they invaded her entire garden like the morning glories that she now hates because she hasn't planted them in 5 years and they're STILL sprouting up.

Caeser, be a good boy with your flooids!!!

we loves you all!

Daisy said...

Those flowers on the side of your house are pretty! They seem so bright and cheerful. I think flowers are happy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Boy said...

beautiful fwowers! have a nice weekend too!

DK & The Fluffies said...

We are lucky to have nasturtiums bloom all year long. Those silly buns like to eat the flowers.

Karen Jo said...

Your flowers are still beautiful, especially the ones at the side of the house. My Mom goes around collecting marigold seeds, but she usually doesn't need them because the marigolds are very good about planting themselves.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

What pretty flowers and a wonderful quote today! Don't worry when you don't leave comments, we know you still visit. Mommy can't always leave comments either (sometimes she visits at work), but we always visit.
I love your Halloween costumes. Princess, you are such a pretty Woodland Princess and Caesar, I jumped out of my furs at your ghost costume before I realized it was you. Your Caesar the Friendly Ghost!

Angus said...

Beautiful flowers, Princess. My mom likes the nasturtiums in salad, for their peppery taste. She's always wanted to grow some, but maybe next year. Sounds like a few busy days for you, what with helping with homework. Get lots of rest when you can, and do take your fluids, so you'll be healthy and full of energy!

Jimmy Joe said...

You guys sure do have a pretty garden. My momma tries, but--just between us--I don't think she has a green thumb. It's always looked pink to me. I hope you have a nice snoozy weekend with dreams about flowers!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Anonymous said...

Hia Caesar! Being stubborn, boy? Haha, I love that game too.

We also have brown flowers in our garden. The staff..., no only Marlene likes them because she calls it 'the beauty of an autumn garden'.

Ik wens jullie, ook namens ons personeel, een heel gezellig weekend!!

Queen Snickers said...

Quelles belles fleurs! I hope you both have fun and lively weekends!

~Reine Snickers

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Your auntie Joyce sounds like our mom. Not exactly a green thumb when it comes to growing things. Keep on being good boys with the fluids. That was funny what you said about looking like camels!!!
We loved your princess and ghost pictures too!!!

Chen & Ollie said...

Those sure are some lovely nasturtiums! You can eat those flowers, Caesar! It's funny that your auntie wanted to eat the seeds :-)
We hope you have a super fun weekend, too! Have fun with those verbs!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Henry Helton said...

You look very comfy in that picture.

Mickey said...

It's a good idea to rest up for the weekend, or anytime for that matter. I was reading your Thursday post and feel much the same way.There are so many nice kitties it is hard to visit and comment on all of them. Then if Mom is busy,I don't get to all my friends.
I am 14 years old, and am slowing a bit.I do like your blog because it is interesting. I like seeing pics of the 2 of you and your Mom's garden. Every cat has a neat blog and it is so fun to see what different cats get up to.

Pee Ess: I like your Halloween costumes ;)

Lux said...

MomBean says you can eat the nasturtium flowers ... she loves them; they look so cheerful!

All mommie's are tricky, I think!

Have a fun weekend, yourselves!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

sum uv yer flowerz ar brown ... sum uv yer flowerz ar still byootiful an colorful. go figyer.
mi mom an dad ar gointa vizit mi sistah at her collije dis weekend, too!

Chairman Mao said...

Your flowurs are so bee-yootiful, I love the pickshures you share! And we Ballicai hope you have a wunnerful weekend.

Lots of love and kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Forty Paws said...

She ate them? Heh heh.

Take yur flooids proper now Caesar. Be a good lad.

Luf, Us

Team Tabby said...

Your garden is still lovely. Ours is too, we haven't had those hard frosts yet. Caesar you should be good for mommy and take your fluids. Easy for us to say, right? We like your blog and thanks for visiting ours.

Moe & Mindy
PS the Halloween costumes are great
Headbutts 'n purrs

The Cat Realm said...

Look a those beautiful flower pictures! And then the most beautiful comes at the very end....

The Cat Realm said...

Look a those beautiful flower pictures! And then the most beautiful comes at the very end....

The Cat Realm said...

Look a those beautiful flower pictures! And then the most beautiful comes at the very end....

lordjaders said...

j'aim les fleurrrs.
I love flowerrrs.

I liked yourrr poem/quote at the end too.

Purrrs to you and yourrr family, Caesarrr. I hope you arrre feeling perrrky.


lordjaders said...

j'aim les fleurrrs.
I love flowerrrs.

I liked yourrr poem/quote at the end too.

Purrrs to you and yourrr family, Caesarrr. I hope you arrre feeling perrrky.


Gattina said...

How nice that you are interested in these beautiful flowers ! Arthur only likes to dig them out !

Diamond said...

Hello Caesar, we have lots of nasturtiums too. Lynettea just lets their seeds gather and they spring up the following year. They grow along our fence in goodness knows what cracks in the cement. I am glad cats don't eat them, as Lynettea tells me humans can eat the leavs but they are quite peppery. Cats don't like pepper.

Luna said...

Belle fleurs a le jardin .
Do you know that you can eat the flowers of the nasturtium in a salad? Yes sure one can eat it and it is delicious, really!!!But not the dried seeds.
Our mom has to do beaucoup de homeworks, too.
Please take your fluids to get well.
Have a nice sunday !

The Furry Fighter said...

such pretty coourful flowers!
i hope your mum has fun with those verbs!
my mum has mental block when it comes to french and german verbs...she can only just about handle english ones!! ;)

Christine and FAZ said...

The girl human said to tell you that Nasturtium seeds are delicious pickled too, like gerkins and capers. You should try it, the girl human loves them. She also loves the flowers in salads in summer, they are sweet and add colour

I like eating the leaves than spitting them out.


michico*Adan said...

I also like nasturtium seeds very much~! But in my house is not convenient to have any plant~! So, Michico just can watch friends'.

It is very very very beautiful pictures, and we love it so so much.

I am so glad to know that you were playing the stubborn game. So happy, you make us smile all the way, and feel so comfy too to see your sleeping pose~! That is the greatest joy~!

Happy Great new week~!

Anonymous said...

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