Monday, August 27, 2007


It was a rough week-end in kittybloggerland.
I prescribe sunshine, in large doses today.
Mancats have to maintain a high level of strength and bravery to support furry tender hearts.

Depend on it!
Lean on us.

Thorns and stings And those such things Just make stronger Our angel wings.
~Emme Woodhull-Bäche


Ramses said...

Think I'll take a large dose of sunshine too, it's exhausting being a big brother today... Seems Isis is in an extra playful mood! ;)

Dragonheart said...

That is a wonderful photo of you, Caesar. :) You look very handsome lying in the sun. :) I love feeling the sun on my skin.

It is good of you to stay strong and brave, Caesar.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

We have sunshine too! Its lovely.


Daisy said...

Sunshine is good for what ails you. Caesar, you are a very responsible Mancat.

Cheysuli said...

Caesar, you look so manly and proud there in the sun. WOW is all I can say.

Parker said...

Caesar - I will follow Doctor's orders and find myself some sunbeams!

The Meezers said...

we're off to the sunbeams Caeser!!! you look furry manly!

michico 小芥 said...

That is a very very handsome photo of you, Caeser~!

Yes, you are correct, this week is very heavy~! Michico is not happy when she blogs, I can see that.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Alas, there is no sun today. There are men working across the street tho. They're fun to watch.

Karen Jo said...

I like your prescription very much, Caesar. Fortunately, I have sunshine, too, after a nice, heavy rain yesterday. It was a rough weekend. I am hoping things will improve.

DEBRA said...


That is a terrific picture of you, you look so regal. I didn't know until this morning about the special group prayer for sweet has been tough. I still hold hope that she will find her way back home.


Bogdan, the editor said...

Sunshine feels good. We need some! Thanks, Caesar.

(And thanks for saying I have a big tiger voice. I think I have one, too. I don't know why, but Kat 3 and Sara started rolling around on the floor laughing when you said that ...)

Love and purrrrsss from all of us

Tyler said...

What a good idea, I think I'll go nap in the sun to build up my strength. And I agree that is a very handsome picture of you.

Henry Helton said...

I think we all need some sunshine!

Kimo & Sabi said...

A furry dignified mancat pose!

Chairman Mao said...

Happy Mancat Monday, Caesar! As always, you look superfabulous.

And Momma loves the quote. She's had a furry rough day today and the quote helped her feel better.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Chen & Ollie said...

Ceasar, your mancat monday pose is very handsome! We got lots of sun today ourselves as Daddy fixed the screen door so we could sit and look at the birdies and catch sunbeams all afternoon.

Hope you and Prinnie have a great week!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

Lux said...

You look very regal in that picture, Caesar. Bring on the sunshine!

The Cat Realm said...

Oh how she would have loved that! A handsome mancat bathing in sunshine! HER sunshine!
Thank you soo much for your support. We all really felt it out here in the desert, you have been tremendously helpful and I know you will get me through the next weeks too.
Your friend Karl, and the staff.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

yes indeed! SUNSHINE from above....if we stand in the SON, we will never be in the darkness:)
Please come see me in the morning...I want to spoil you both all day out on my patio:)

Forty Paws said...

That's a fantastic photo of you Caesar!!!

Luf, Us

Benjamin Fuzz said...

your are such a good guy, caesar. a strong, faithful and loving mancat.


Anonymous said...

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