Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Life is busy here at our domicile.
Blizzie gets up very very early and goes to her volunteer job with the youth orchestra. This is a special orchestra with kids from all over the world! She does not come home until dinner time! Today is her last day. The concert is tonight... and then, she is finished with that. Maybe she will start her little job with the grocery store.
Either way... I just wait for her to come home every day.
I love Blizzie.

Chrystabelle is waiting on her job. She went for an interview for a job she was very interested in last week... so maybe. We are keeping our fingers crossed. She really wants this one.

Two days of very nice breezy weather here, mommie has been working in the gardens... mostly clean up (weeds) Daddie has not been too busy with his job. It is nice that he works at home. I like to help him in his office when I am not waiting for Blizzie.

Caesar is back to his trouble making antics, and gets us tossed out of the room every night now. Then he stands in the middle of the upstairs and cries for mommie, but she has her ear plugs in and can not hear him.

have a happy day everycat!

So... what are your beans plans for the Fourth of July (if you are in the US)?

Every time I close the door on reality
it comes in through the windows.

--Jennifer Unlimited


Dragonheart said...

That is a very sweet photo of you, Princess. I hope Chrystabelle gets the job she wants! Blizzie's work with the youth orchestra sounds wonderful!

I'm glad that Caesar is feeling better and has the energy to get into trouble. Sorry that it gets you tossed out of the paradise room, though.

I hope you all have a happy fourth of July!

Luna said...

Princess I like your sweet photo.
I also hope that chrystabelle gets the job.
Great, Blizzie´s job in the orchestra.You are talking so nice from your family.
Ha ha, ear plugs, great idea, bad for caesar.

Have a nice tuesday :-)

Ali & Fiona said...

Poor Caesar just wants sleep with his momma. You look very sweet in that picture Prinnie!

Daisy said...

Princess, you look so sweet. I wish I could give you a little sandpaper kiss. I am crossing my paws for Chrystabelle to get the job!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Sounds very hectic at your house! I don't really care what the bean's plans for the 4th are, I'm just excited about my plans!!! Oh...they said something about annoying bachelor & bachelorette parties ruining their fun times.


Karen Jo said...

It sounds like Blizzie might have more time for you soon, Princess. Her work with the youth orchestra sounds great. I'm glad that Caesar is feeling well enough to be a troublemaker again, but sorry it's getting both of you kicked out of the bedroom every night. I really hope Chrystabelle gets the job she wants.

Lux said...

You look so sweet sleeping like that, Prinnie. It sounds like you've hit the weather jackpot.

Happy July 4th tomorrow!

The Meezers said...

Prinnie, you look furry beautiful!

Parker said...

You is beautiful Prinnie! Mommy wants to smooch you!
She left again for O Hi O this morning and when she comes home next time we are going to have a garage sale. Since we don't have a garage I am confused.

The Furry Kids said...

Prinnie, you look so cute. We're sending lots of pawsitive thoughts to Chrystabelle so she can get the job she wants.

We're glad that Caesar is feeling well enough to get in trouble, but it stinks that you guys get kicked out of the room. :(


Titus here: Thanks for stopping by our bloggie. I think my 'tocks are cuter because I don't have to show the world *everything* like EG does. My tail placement leaves something to the imagination - if you know what I mean. :)

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Yes, the weather has been lovely here in Northern Virginia for the last few days. Who would think that it's July? Mom and Dad wish it would rain because they have to water the flowers a lot lately.

We hope to celebrate the 4th by joining everyone at the big party at Skeezix's, but Jake isn't feeling well right now. We're glad that you too seem to be feeling perky.

Happy Independence Day! We've been hearing fireworks all evening.


Forty Paws said...

That's a purrecious picture of you Princess! You luf your Blizzie!

That's interesting that your mom sleeps with earplugs in. Maybe our Maw should try that?

It's also interesting that you have squirrels juggling acorns in your refrigerator motor. Yup. Maybe you better put that one out for the pest eliminator man to pick up.

We can still wish that you would get some rain though...

Luf, Us

小芥 michico said...

It's very soft photo of you.
I like that.
Have a happy day to you, too.

You are a very nice cat for waiting human come back, cheer up~!

Willow said...

Oh, that is the sweetest picture of you, Prinnie! I feel sorry for Caesar, crying for mommie to let him in - I always sleep right next to my mom!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

We're crossing our paws for Chrystabelle.

Christine and FAZ said...

Good luck to Blizzie and Chrystablle. Keep up the good midnight patrols Caesar. FAZ

Pet's are 4 Life said...

I have a kitty named Ceasar too! I haven't posted any recent pics of him on my blog, so now I'll have to chase him over hill and dale with the camera cause I got the urge for some cute meezer photos to add to my blog in the next days. :)

Anonymous said...

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