Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WORD-FULL Wednesday

Greetings blogging buddies:

Yesterday morning, Caesar fell off of the bar stool (and he was not nipped out) and he landed on his hind quarters... can't remember which side anymore. Oh my! mommie saw it happen and she was very worried.

She did go to the rink, but only because our daddie was home and he watched over Caesar.Then mommie was home and she worried and hovered over Caesar wondering if she should take him to the V.E.T.... well, today Caesar is walking okay and running a little. He is still on monitoring status though.

Last evening we had video chat because gramma has Annapolis Chorale rehearsals every evening this week except last night so we had video chat. I even came on the camera and said hello to gramma and grampa. Can you see me on my daddie's lap in the little box at the bottom of this screen shot? click to enlarge for viewing enhancement

Lastly but very very importantly....
Luxor nominated us to have this Thinking Blogger awardie thing and now mommie is in a panic (she panics easily, it is pitiful to watch).
A few weeks ago Luna, maine coon kitty and her mommie Stef, nominated mommie on mommies other blog (which she has not been writing on lately because she has been too busy helping us with our blog)
So, she put that Thinking Blogger tag on her bloggie and then Luxie nominated this bloggie and we... well most precisely mommie is saying oh no!!

Thank you very much Luxie for giving us this award
and thinking we are good thinkers.
We are very honored to have this awardie!!

We will nominate 5 bloggies soon... maybe this evening.... maybe this afternoon.... There are so many beautiful wondermous bloggies out here and we have to see who has not been chosen.
I guess the big mistake mommie made was that she did not know what to do with the Thinking Blogger award the first time she got it... so she just plopped it on her own blog and forgot all about it.

We hope everyone has a very happy and splendifferous Wednesday
Love, Princess

Nothing is as far away
as one minute ago.

-Jim Bishop


The Meezer Gang said...

We sure hope that Caesar is all right! Poor guy...

Lux said...

Don't worry about the award, Rosemary! Just let Caesar and Prinnie play with it! :)

I'm sending Very Good Thoughts for Caesar, that he's okay.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I hope Caesar is OK, sometimes we do silly things and the humans usually laugh at us but sometimes we do get hurt.


Cyclone Cats said...

we sure hope Caesar is feeling better now!

Dragonheart said...

I see you Prinnie! I hope that Caesar is okay!

Congrats on the thinking blogger award!

DEBRA said...

Hope Caesar is OK?

Concats on the thinking blogger award!


Forty Paws said...

Oh! We hope Caesar is alright!! An old poodin fallin off the furniture can be very worrisome.

We think you look like a chenille blankie in that first photo Prinnie!!! How kyooot.

Congrats on being nominated twicedededed for the Thinking Blogger Award.

We're so glad you guys came over yesterday!

Luf, Us

DK & The Fluffies said...


Daisy said...

Oh Caesar, please do not fall of things any more, OK? I am glad you are feeling all right today.

Princess, you look like a beautiful little lamb! Of course, Caesar is very handsome also.

zevo calamari said...

We do hope Caesar is ok. Was he celebrating about your blog? Maybe too much cat nip and beer?


zevo & the pooses for peace

Parker said...

Maybe Mommie should put seat belts on the barstools! I hope Caesar is OK and comes off monitoring status soon!
Concats on the award!